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4 Great Ways to Help Your Mini-Split Blend In

December 4, 2017

Mini-split systems, or ductless heat pumps, are a great heating and cooling option for many Harrisburg, and Elkton, Virginia, homeowners. The lack of ductwork makes the installation of these compact, energy-saving HVAC systems convenient and flexible. Mini-splits are also very efficient as they lose no energy from the unit to use, so they can help reduce your utility bills, too.

Still, some people hesitate to act because, unlike older systems that are hidden behind walls, mini-splits are installed in the open. How, you may wonder, will the new mini-split fit in with my current home decor?
Read on to learn about some clever solutions, one of which is sure to work for you.

Mini-Split Decorating Tips

These fixes are already working for homeowners across Virginia. They’ll ensure you love the look of your new system as much as you enjoy the comfort and efficiency it provides.

1. Help Your Mini-Split Blend In

One option is to choose a mini-split that coordinates with your current color scheme. Or you can paint the room or an accent wall to match your mini-split for greater camouflage. (It’s important to note that painting the system itself is not recommended.)”

2. Provide Your Mini-Split with a Cover-Up

Many people have created ventilated cabinets to enclose their mini-split units. You might also be able to integrate your system into an existing entertainment center or another cabinet. You just need to ensure that air can easily pass through by installing a lattice or other open front to that section.

3. Disguise Your Mini-Split

Some homeowners have successfully used design touches to incorporate their units into their current furnishings; for example, by building a bookcase that includes shelving beneath or around the mini-split, you make it look as if it’s just another part of your decor.

4. Tuck Your Mini-Split In

If you’re making more extensive updates along with the addition of a mini-split system, you can be more planful, including the unit in your design by creating a recess in a wall to house it. When recessed, the unit will be less obtrusive in whatever room it’s placed.

Mini-split systems are modern and sleek in their design, so even if you don’t find a way to make yours blend in, you’ll grow accustomed to it quickly. In a few days, you may find yourself wondering why you were concerned about covering it up in the first place.

If you’re ready to look into a mini-split system for your home, call Excel Heating and Cooling. We’ve got the expertise and experience to ensure you get the right system for your space. We can also install dual-fuel compatible systems, providing you with the flexibility to switch between electricity and gas. And be sure to ask about available rebates!

Upgrade to a mini-split system for your home today. Contact us or call (540) 870-0423 to learn more.

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