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5 Common Signs You’re Having Furnace Problems

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January 26, 2021

If it’s the middle of February and the furnace in your Harrisonburg or Staunton home won’t turn on, you’re likely to notice the issue right away—your home will soon be freezing! But that doesn’t mean that everything’s okay as long as your gas or oil burning furnace is running. There can be subtler signs that something’s not right with your Virginia home’s heating system—issues that can create increased energy costs and can signal that an inconvenient breakdown is on the horizon.

Here are five of the most common ways to know that you could use heating repair help from an HVAC contractor in your Shenandoah Valley home.

1. Low Indoor Temperatures

Any time your furnace isn’t able to keep your home comfortable, you know you’re experiencing some kind of a residential heating problem. The underlying issue can range from problems with your ductwork to an older, inefficient heating system that simply isn’t powerful enough any more to make your home truly comfortable on cold days.

2. Your Furnace is Constantly Running

While it’s good that your heating is on, it’s not a good sign when it’s always on. Your furnace should cycle on and off throughout the day, heating until it meets the temperature set on your thermostat and then powering off until it’s needed again. A furnace that’s always on is a heating system that is struggling to increase the temperature in your home. On top of that, your furnace will see unnecessary wear and tear as the result of constant operation, decreasing its lifespan and increasing the frequency of repairs.

3. Your Heating Costs Are Rising

If your heating bills are higher than they used to be, your furnace is usually running inefficiently, likely because it’s getting old. At Excel, our heating repair services can help keep your heating system running as efficiently as it can, but at a certain point, your unit’s age will be too much to overcome. A new, high-efficiency furnace will not only make your home more comfortable, but it will be less expensive to run, lowering your energy bills and providing reliable operation for the future.

4. Your Furnace Makes Loud Noises When It Turns On

Most furnaces make some amount of noise when they first turn on, but if you’re hearing strange sounds you haven’t heard before coming from your heating system, the best thing to do is call for heating repair so that a professional can take a look at your system.

Banging or booming when your furnace first turns on might be caused by dirty burners creating a delayed gas ignition, or it could actually be the sound of your ductwork expanding and contracting due to air pressure changes created when your furnace’s blower starts up, but both issues will require a furnace technician to fix.

5. You’ve Had Multiple Heating Repair Calls Recently

If it feels like you just paid to have your furnace repaired and now it’s broken again, it’s probably time to start wondering, “Do I need a new furnace?” While regular heating maintenance calls are good for your heating system and can help extend your unit’s lifespan and decrease the chances of a costly breakdown, multiple furnace repairs in a short period of time signal that your heating system is getting old and it would be smarter to upgrade than to keep pouring money into a system providing diminishing returns.

Learn More About the Benefits of Upgrading Your Heating System with Excel

While Excel Heating & Cooling offers high quality services for furnace repair near you that will help address any of the above heating system issues, one of the best ways to ensure your home has a reliable heating system you can count on for money-saving energy efficiency is by looking into an upgrade. The benefits of replacing your old furnace include:

  • Lower monthly energy bills

  • Improved indoor comfort

  • Quieter operation

  • Fewer repair calls and longer lifespan (with regular maintenance!)

With the heating experts at Excel, you can find the right new system for your house, properly sized and installed for long-lasting comfort and energy savings. 

Wondering what’s wrong with your furnace? Call 540-509-1180 or contact us today for superior HVAC repair, maintenance, and replacement.

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