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5 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Maintenance

September 7, 2016

With summer in full force here in Harrisonburg, Virginia, your air conditioner has probably been working nonstop. But just like you can’t stay in peak health without an occasional check-up at your doctor’s office, your AC needs to be evaluated to ensure it is healthy and stays that way for quite some time. If you’re concerned about your air conditioner’s ability to cool your home, you should schedule air conditioning service. Keeping your AC in optimal condition will guarantee your comfort for the rest of this summer and those in the future.

Here are five signs your air conditioner may need maintenance or even repair:

1. Restricted Airflow

If your air conditioning unit isn’t producing a significant amount of cool air or that air isn’t circulating adequately throughout your home, it needs to be inspected. This problem can be due to several issues, like blocked ductwork or clogged filters. Getting your air conditioner serviced will help uncover the cause of the limited airflow and help resolve the issue.

2. Moisture

Excessive moisture around your AC unit can be a very serious problem, as a result of leaking refrigerant. Whenever you see any leaks, drips or wet spots, it’s time to call Excel Heating & Cooling to take care of your air conditioner. Repairing leaks and moisture will guarantee your air conditioner works to its fullest cooling potential.

3. Strange Sounds

Although some noise is normal, if your air conditioning unit has been squeaking, rattling, popping, grinding or hissing, it needs to be inspected. While some of these sounds don’t indicate a critical issue, a certified professional should have a look to determine what needs to be done. The most severe noises you should listen for include grinding and hissing. Our team will help eliminate all unnecessary sounds your AC has been making!

4. Odd Smells

Your air conditioner shouldn’t be producing any smells. It’s purpose is to cool and dehumidify your home. However, if you do smell something foul and especially “smokey,” turn your air conditioner off and contact an AC specialist immediately. Avoid the danger of fire by being vigilant and maintaining a properly operating air conditioner.

5. Astronomical Energy Bills

If your energy bills have been soaring this summer, your air conditioner may be the prime suspect. Excessive energy costs and decreased cooling production can be remedied by having your AC serviced and repaired. When your air conditioner runs properly, effectively and efficiently, your energy bills should be more reasonable. Save money and ensure you have a cool, comfortable home for future summers with preventative maintenance and repair for your air conditioner.

Make sure your AC keeps you cool for the rest of this summer and many more to come! Contact us or call (540) 870-0423 to learn more and to schedule an appointment.


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