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5 Signs Your Heating System Won’t Make It Through the Winter

October 27, 2020

Fall leaves and pumpkin spice all mean that the Shenandoah Valley will be heading into winter soon. If you’re wondering whether your furnace is up to the challenge of another winter, take a moment to check off these symptoms of a heating system that may need repair or replacement:

Thermostat Battles

If it seemed like you were constantly adjusting your thermostat to stay comfortable last winter, your home heating system may not be keeping up. Cold rooms, drafts, or a continuously running furnace may mean your Waynesboro VA home’s heating system is in need of some seasonal maintenance. Scheduling a service call is a smart way to start off the fall season in a way that will save money and energy! Our NATE-certified Excel Comfort Advisors service all furnace makes and models, and they’ll provide expert diagnosis and repair of your heating system, if necessary.

Increasing Energy Bills

There’s nothing worse than having a nightmare energy bill each month. If your heating costs seem to be rising faster than temperatures are falling, a maintenance check-up will provide a cleaning, electrical check-up, and filter change to keep your heating system working at peak efficiency.

Is Your Furnace or Boiler Ready for Retirement?

Even the best maintained furnaces and boilers have a lifespan. Often the first sign of a heating system that’s nearing replacement is escalating repair costs (and frequency of service calls). If your furnace needs two or more service calls during the last heating season, it’s probably time to consider upgrading to a new efficient furnace from Excel.

Strange Noises

If you’re hearing strange noises when you start up your furnace, it’s time to make a call to have one of our professional Comfort Advisors assess and diagnose the problem. Whether it’s squeals, banging noises, or clicking sounds, turn your furnace off at the first sound of trouble and give us a ring. Strange noises could mean a broken part, an electrical problem, or blower fan failure, so don’t put off a service call!

Increased Allergy Symptoms or Strange Smells

Heating systems work by forcing air through your home’s ducts throughout the house. If your family is noticing persistent cold-like symptoms or increased fall allergies, your ductwork may need attention. Leaky ducts can pick up and circulate dust, allergens, mold, and other particulate matter throughout your home, so if you’re noticing excess dust or musty odors, that could point to a leak in your home’s ductwork (as well as filters that need to be changed).

Routine Heating Maintenance to Prepare for Winter

Just like getting your annual flu shot, scheduling a fall heating system check-up can help prevent nasty winter surprises. Many Harrisonburg & Staunton VA homeowners sign up for our residential maintenance plan that covers routine maintenance and discounts for service and parts. Since 1953, your Shenandoah Valley VA neighbors have counted on the excellent and professional heating and cooling service from Excel Comfort Advisors—join them today and benefit all winter long!

Are you dreading another winter’s high energy bills? Call (540) 870-0423 or contact us today to get peace of mind with a furnace or boiler check up.

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