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5 Tips for a Warmer Home

January 17, 2017

As we move towards the height of winter here in the Shenandoah Valley region, you may be finding that it’s starting to get more difficult to stay warm at home. So what can you do to make this winter more comfortable and cozy? Use these five tips as ideas to increase home comfort:

1. Examine Your Thermostat

If your thermostat is outdated, it may not be working properly. An old thermostat can be the culprit in a home that never seems to get warm enough. Check and clean your thermostat to help prevent any issues. However, if your thermostat was installed years ago, the most useful approach may be to replace it with a new one.

By upgrading your thermostat, you can be sure it is accurate. You can also opt for a smart thermostat that takes into account your patterns, helping to optimize energy usage and lower your monthly heating costs.

2. Maintain or Replace Your Heating System

A well maintained HVAC system is essential to staying warm when the temperatures drop. It’s also important to help prevent unexpected breakdowns. Regular maintenance for your home’s boiler, furnace or heat pump will help to preserve its warranty and ensure that its lifespan isn’t prematurely cut short.

If your heating system is over ten years old, it may already be advisable to replace it. Speak with an expert during your next maintenance appointment to see if a new, more energy efficient heating solution would be right for you. Upgrading can significantly improve your home comfort, energy efficiency and monthly utility bills.

3. Close the Curtains

Keeping your home a little warmer this winter is as easy as closing the curtains. By providing additional insulation over your windows, curtains can work to keep more of your home’s heat in.

4. Install a Humidifier

Although a humidifier won’t actually increase the temperature in your home, it will add moisture to the air, so you’ll feel warmer. A whole-home humidifier won’t only work to keep you warmer, but it will also alleviate various issues related to dry air, such as dry skin and eyes, as well as respiratory problems.

5. Use a Fan

Similar to a humidifier, a fan won’t increase the air temperature inside your home. However, using a ceiling fan rotating in a clockwise direction can help circulate warm air, allowing you to stay comfortable.

Stay Warm with Help from Excel

Comfort Advisors at Excel Heating & Cooling can help your home stay warm, cozy and comfortable. From installing a new smart thermostat, a whole-home humidifier or servicing your heating system, our team of experts will make your Harrisonburg area home pleasant this winter and for many more to come.

Contact us or call (540) 870-0423 today to schedule an appointment with an Excel Comfort Advisor!

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