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AC Not Cooling Effectively?

exterior air conditioning unit
August 6, 2019

July is often the true test of your AC system’s cooling power. Your AC is running but you’re still not feeling comfortable. If your central air isn’t cooling as effectively as it should, it might be time to call in some professional service from the AC experts at Excel Heating & Cooling. How can you tell? Before you call, troubleshoot your central air conditioning with these easy tips:

Check the AC Filter

If you haven’t checked your filter recently, it’s probably time to change it. Dirty filters block airflow and prevent cool air from reaching your home’s interior. Plus, a new filter will do a better job of clearing out pollen and dust.

Check the Electrical Panel

Your central air likely has one or two circuit breakers controlling power to the system. If the circuits are tripped, push them off then on again. If the circuit breakers continue to trip, an electrical problem may be causing the break. An AC service call is the best solution electrical issues.

Open the Vents

Check each room to make sure your air vents haven’t been closed or blocked by furniture or belongings. It’s a myth that closing vents will save energy. Here’s why: your AC system is sized and designed to cool your whole house. Closed vents in unused rooms send the wrong message to your central air system. The AC blower adjusts its speed based on how much pressure it senses. Closed vents mean a higher air pressure sense, and the end result is the blower shifts into a lower speed. Less air blowing means it will take longer to cool your home.

Does the Condenser Need Cleaning?

The AC condenser is located outside your home and can collect dirt and debris like grass clippings and leaves. The condenser fan extracts heat from your home and blows it onto the refrigerant coils. If the refrigerant coils are dirty from years of neglect they won’t be able to convert the hot air to cool conditioned air. If it’s been a while since your condenser has been cleaned, it’s likely time for a maintenance check-up from the AC pros at Excel Heating & Cooling. 

Is the Refrigerant Low?

The lifeblood of your central air is the refrigerant fluid that circulates in the condenser. If it’s low it won’t be as effective in cooling. As the fluid is recirculated in a closed system, low refrigerant means there’s a leak somewhere. Your Excel Heating & Cooling AC service technician can repair the leak and top off your coolant level to return to proper cooling.

Check for Leaky Ducts

It could be that your air conditioner is working perfectly, but your ductwork is leaking. The ducts connect your AC with each room and deliver conditioned air through the vents. But if you ducts are not properly sealed, they leak your cooling into the attic or crawlspace. These leaks can be expensive in terms of wasted energy. They can also affect your home’s indoor air quality because leaky ducts circulate dust allergens and other unpleasant things throughout your house. A ductwork evaluation can pinpoint areas of air leakage. The IAQ team at Excel Heating & Cooling will seal up your ducts and eliminated costly air loss. 

Your Central Air Needs to be Replaced

If your air conditioner is over ten years old, it may be reaching the end of its functionality. If you’re experiencing poor cooling, frequent repairs and/or escalating electricity bills, could be time for an upgrade.  Our professional service team can evaluate your repair versus replacement options with your budget in mind. As a Premier Lennox Dealer our installation team can design and properly size a new high efficiency central air system for your home.

Upgrade to Efficiency with a Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump

Some of our customers are taking advantage of the energy saving and convenient cooling option found in mini-split systems. Mini-splits can be installed in any room in your home and offer both cooling and heating at the touch of a button. Plus, you may qualify for attractive utility rebates from Dominion Virginia Power for upgrading to a mini-split heat pump. Excel also offers dual fuel options that offer greater flexibility to select the fuel with the best price.

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