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Could You Benefit from a Whole Home Dehumidifier?

humidity condensation on a window
October 11, 2019

While most people associate humidity with hot summer weather, humidity is an issue that can affect your Shenandoah Valley home year-round. While it might be easy to feel the effects of high humidity levels in the July and August months in Virginia (humidity can make it feel like the temperature is hotter than it really is), humidity can linger in hidden areas of your home—your basement is a perfect example—and cause all kinds of problems.

In particular, humidity encourages excess moisture, allowing mold to grow. Indoor mold can rot the wood in your home’s structure, but just as importantly, it can lead to increased air pollutants and indoor air quality (IAQ) issues, which could result in health problems for you and your family.

If your house is too humid, the best way to protect yourself against health and mold issues is with a whole home dehumidifier. But do whole house dehumidifiers really work better than portable dehumidifiers?

Can One Dehumidifier Work for a Whole House?

Because humidity is often thought of as a comfort issue rather than a health one, many Virginia homeowners look to portable single room dehumidifiers for assistance. But when you look at the pros and cons, portable units have many disadvantages compared to whole home dehumidifiers, including:

  • Much smaller coverage area

  • Shorter lifespan

  • Louder operating noise

  • Frequent need to empty water tray

  • Less energy efficient

Do Whole House Dehumidifiers Really Work?

Whole home dehumidifiers, on the other hand, condition the air throughout your entire house, making sure that there are no excessively humid areas in your home where mold and dust mites can use to negatively affect your indoor air quality.

Whole home dehumidifiers can also lower your energy bills. Remember when we said that humidity can make it feel hotter than it actually is? Well, when a dehumidifier is used to bring the humidity levels in your home down to more reasonable levels, you’ll feel more comfortable even though the temperature hasn’t changed, and you can set your air conditioner’s temperature accordingly.

How to Improve Air Quality with Excel

Are you worried about the air quality of your home? Schedule an air quality evaluation from Excel Heating & Cooling. If you have IAQ or home comfort issues, whole home dehumidifier installation may be the answer.

Our team of air quality experts can recommend the right size and model unit to best reduce humidity in your Elkton or Harrisonburg home, and we can even connect your dehumidifier up to your home’s comfort control system, giving you 24/7 access to professional indoor air testing equipment.

Looking for a whole home solution to escape the humidity? Call 540-509-1180 or contact us today for an air quality evaluation.

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