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Get Your Home Comfortable & Healthy for the Holidays

November 15, 2016

With the holiday season and cooler weather quickly approaching the Shenandoah Valley, you need to ensure your home is ready. You may have guests that will be coming to visit or you may be leaving your home empty for a few days while you go away. Either way, your home needs to get prepared in order to guarantee you have a safe, healthy and comfortable winter.

1. Schedule Heating Maintenance

Heating maintenance is an essential part of keeping your home’s heating system running smoothly. Not only will a heating tune-up ensure your system runs efficiently, with no surprise emergency breakdowns, you’ll also stay warmer and extend your unit’s lifespan.

Another key element of heating maintenance is carbon monoxide testing. Furnaces or boilers burning oil or gas can experience incomplete combustion, a byproduct of which is carbon monoxide, a deadly gas that is colorless and odorless. Getting a furnace or boiler tune-up will ensure it’s ready to handle the heating season in addition to keeping you, your family and any potential guests safe from CO.

2. Install a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats allow easy control over your home’s HVAC systems. They provide you with the ability to customize your comfort and reduce energy consumption. When you’re home you’ll be able to easily tailor your home’s temperature to the perfect setting and when you’re away you’ll be able to turn the temperature down to help conserve energy and lower your energy bills.

Smart thermostats give you the ability to preprogram your settings and even control your heating and cooling via wi-fi whether you’re at home or away. Give your home the gift of a smart thermostat this holiday season and start benefiting today.

3. Consider Ventilation

During the summer months on days that are a bit cooler and not as humid, you probably open at least one window to allow some fresh air in. In the winter, however, opening a window isn’t a feasible solution to getting fresh air, unless you want to also allow your home’s heat to escape.

Thankfully, home ventilation via a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) or an energy recovery ventilator (ERV) can provide your home with fresh air without sacrificing energy efficiency. Avoid returning to a home with stale, musty air after the holidays and improve your home’s indoor air quality for you and your family with mechanical ventilation.

Excel: Your Home Comfort Partner this Holiday Season

Excel Heating and Cooling solutions allow you to enjoy a comfortable and healthy holiday season with heating services, comfort controls and ventilation. Get your home ready for the winter, whether you’ll be hosting guests or going away — Excel Comfort Advisors can help!

Contact us or call (540) 870-0423 to schedule an appointment and get your home ready for the holidays!

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