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How to Program Nest for Actual Energy Savings

January 10, 2019

So you’ve finally made the switch to a Nest thermostat. Congratulations! Your home in the Harrisonburg area is primed to take advantage of the latest and greatest in home comfort and energy efficiency technology.

The Nest thermostat has taken the smart home industry by storm, with its sleek look and simple integration with your smartphone and other appliances. But now that you’ve installed your new home comfort controls, how can you best use them to conserve the energy you use to keep your home comfortable? Find out how with these money and energy saving tips.

Download the App & Set Your Preferences

The first step to programming your thermostat is to set your temperature preferences for one week. That way, Nest can learn your preferences, detect when you’re home and when you aren’t, and automatically adjust for the most energy efficient settings.

Downloading the Nest app lets you adjust your thermostat easily from your smartphone, plus so much more!

Childproof Your Settings

Ever had an issue with your children changing the temperatures on you? You can enable a 4-digit code via the Nest app so that only those with the password can access your Nest.

See Your Energy Usage in Real Time

Another major bonus of the Nest app is that it lets you see your energy usage in real time. Helpful insights will tell you things like how much energy you saved last month or why you used so much energy last week.

Going Out of Town? Tell Nest!

Setting your Nest to “Away Mode” will let it know that it can coast at an energy efficient temperature until you are back home. You can adjust this energy efficient temperature manually, though we find that the default eco settings usually do the trick.

Don’t worry too much about coming home to a cold house after your winter vacations; that’s what the “Early On” function is for. Early On tells your Nest to start heating up your home (or cooling it down in the summer) before you pull into the driveway. Since the Nest thermostat is WiFi enabled, you can control this from anywhere in the world as long as you have your smartphone with you.

Look for Other Ways to Save Energy

A Nest thermostat, with its programmable settings and ability to detect when you’re around, is a great way to save energy on home heating and cooling costs; but it isn’t the only way. If you’ve programmed your Nest thermostat and still aren’t seeing the energy savings you’re looking for, talk to the experts at Excel Heating & Cooling. We’ll help you determine if it’s time for heating maintenance or heating replacement, or if leaky ductwork could be the source of your high energy bills.

Maximize your energy savings with a Nest thermostat and other HVAC system upgrades. Call (540) 870-0423 or contact us to learn more.

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