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HVAC Updates to Make Before the Heat Hits

April 28, 2020

Right now you’re probably stuck inside your home, or at least spending more time there than usual. During these anything-but-normal times, it can be easy to forget about some of the most important things you can do to ensure that you’ll stay comfortable and healthy inside your house throughout the year.

Now is the time to schedule updates and upgrades for the HVAC in your Waynesboro, VA area home, so you can make sure your heating and cooling system is working as efficiently as possible, saving you money, keeping you comfortable as temperatures begin to rise, and making your indoor air healthy and safe for your family. Here are a few ideas to add to your spring to-do list:

1. HVAC Tune-Up or Repair Call

Take it from the Shenandoah Valley’s heating and cooling experts for more than half a century: Homeowners save money in the long run by scheduling regular maintenance for your heating and cooling systems instead of waiting until their system breaks and calling for HVAC repair near them.

An HVAC expert can identify small issues before they turn into bigger (and expensive) problems, and a tune-up twice a year (once in the spring for your AC and once in the fall for your furnace) will keep your systems running smoothly and efficiently, leading to low energy costs, consistent home comfort, and a longer lifespan!

Right now, take advantage of Excel’s $79 spring tune-up and safety inspection special!

2. Ductwork Evaluation

Did you know that the typical central ductwork system wastes between 25 and 40% of the conditioned air the connected AC or heating system produces? Improperly insulated ductwork, inefficient ductwork design, and cracks and gaps in your ductwork can let conditioned air escape long before it reaches the rooms it’s supposed to keep comfortable.

With Excel’s ductwork inspection and repair you can feel confident your central HVAC system will:

  • Efficiently deliver comfort throughout your home

  • Minimize energy loss and keep energy bills low

  • Provide healthy breathing air for your family

3. UV Light Air Purifiers and Air Filtration Systems

If you’re like any of us here at Excel, you’re probably spending more time thinking about the health of you and your family than ever before, and taking extra precautions to avoid getting sick.

Concentrations of air pollutants and contaminants are two to five times higher indoors than they are outside, but there are indoor air quality solutions to help keep your indoor air safe. UV germicidal light air purifiers actively reduce pollutants including allergens, viruses and bacteria, mold, and more, and air filtration systems ensure the air circulating through your HVAC system is clean and healthy.

Sign Up for Excel’s Comfort Club Maintenance Agreement

The average homeowner doesn’t want to spend time constantly thinking about their HVAC system or worrying whether their home might not be comfortable or healthy the following week. So stop scheduling reminders that you need air conditioning services in your Broadway, VA house: Excel offers peace of mind and HVAC convenience with its Comfort Club maintenance agreement for homes throughout the Shenandoah Valley. You can choose from four different tiers of protection, and can sleep easier knowing your house is ready to take on the summer weather with Excel’s team of HVAC experts.

Feel confident about the heating and cooling in your Harrisonburg, VA home. Call 540-509-1180 or contact us today to find out what you can do this spring to benefit all summer.

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