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Is Your AC Ready for Summer?

April 21, 2020

The way the news is trending, it looks like you and your family might be spending far more time than usual inside your Virginia home this spring, and possibly even into the summer. As the weather continues to warm, you’ll be relying more than ever on your home’s cooling system to keep you comfortable and healthy.

It’s better to be prepared than to be surprised by an expensive and inconvenient AC breakdown in the middle of a heat wave, when your entire family is stuck in your Harrisonburg, Elkton, or Broadway home. Here are some early warning signs that your air conditioning could use a maintenance call or AC repair in Harrisonburg, VA this spring.

1. Strange Smells or Sounds

What noises are air conditioners supposed to make? Well, whether it’s a bang, clank, clink, buzz, squeal, hum, rattle, scream, or something else, new and unusual noises coming from your air conditioner aren’t a good sign. And if you’re wondering, “Why does my AC smell bad?”—that’s not great either!

Something is probably breaking or is broken within some part of your AC, from a loose screw to an electrical failure or a refrigerant leak. Ignoring these sounds and smells won’t make these problems go away—in fact, all you’re doing is likely increasing the eventual HVAC repair bill.

2. Won’t Turn On

You guessed it—if your air conditioner won’t turn on, that’s a great reason to believe it needs a little TLC from a professional. From a blown fuse to a dirty evaporator coil to a broken thermostat, there are many reasons why your AC isn’t starting, but Excel Heating & Cooling can get to the bottom of it.

3. Only Blows Hot Air

If your air conditioning only blows hot air, run over and quickly check to make sure your thermostat isn’t accidentally set too high or set to “heat” instead of “cool” (and if it is, don’t feel too bad—we all have our moments…).

Now that you’ve gotten the obvious out of the way, you could be dealing with an airflow issue, an issue with your outdoor compressor or refrigerant levels, or a return duct has gotten disconnected.

Take Advantage of Excel’s $79 Tune-Up Special Today!

When you schedule maintenance for your home’s central cooling system this spring, you’ll be helping to keep your AC on and your home comfortable all summer.

Right now, Excel is offering a special $79 spring tune-up and HVAC safety inspection for your home. Give us a call and have one of our expert professionals look after your home comfort.

Not only does tuning up your HVAC systems regularly help avoid unexpected breakdowns, but consistent maintenance will lead to lower heating and cooling utility bills, higher system efficiency, and an increased lifespan for your equipment.

And, for added convenience, enroll in our Comfort Club heating and AC maintenance agreement plan. Starting at less than $15 a month, we take the hassle out of consistent home comfort, and deliver year-round peace of mind for your air conditioning and furnace or boiler.

Get your AC in the best shape it can be this spring, and feel good about your home cooling this summer. Call (540) 870-0423 or contact us to make a maintenance appointment.

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