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It’s a New Year—Is It Time for a New HVAC System?

February 19, 2020

Not only is it the start of a new year, it’s also the start of a new decade (well, depending on who you ask). Many people, including homeowners in the Shenandoah Valley, have made New Year’s resolutions and set positive goals for themselves to tackle in the coming months.

Wouldn’t it be a nice goal to make your home more comfortable and lower your utility bills? You can, with HVAC replacement for your Harrisonburg, VA home. Read on the learn why upgrading your system now may be smarter than paying pricey home AC service costs, and reach out to an HVAC company near you like Excel, who can install the best heating and cooling system for your home.

What’s the Best Time to Get a New HVAC System?

Unless your home heating or cooling system is completely broken and can’t be fixed, it can be tricky to know when is the right time to upgrade. Here are some warning signs that your furnace, boiler, heat pump, or air conditioner needs to be inspected by a professional:

  • Inadequate heating or cooling in your home

  • Unusual smells or noises from your HVAC system

  • Heating and cooling units are short cycling

  • Increasing energy bills

  • Your HVAC is the source of poor indoor air quality

Should I Repair or Replace My Furnace or AC?

The big decision many homeowners face when their HVAC system isn’t working right is whether they should pay for heating or cooling repair, or if it makes more financial sense, in the long run, to just replace their heating and cooling. If you have an underperforming HVAC system in Harrisonburg or Broadway, here are some of the questions you should consider before deciding to repair or replace your home heating and cooling:

  • How old are your HVAC units?

  • How many times have they already been repaired?

  • What is the cost of repairs compared to the cost to replace?

  • Have your heating and cooling bills risen in the last year?

Some of these important questions can be answered by you, the homeowner. But there are others that you’re better off leaving to a heating and cooling expert. At Excel, our team is trained and qualified to assess whether your heating and cooling systems are properly sized for your home, and whether the energy efficiency you’ll gain from replacing your HVAC system outweighs the higher upfront costs.

Upgrade Your Home Comfort with Excel

Start the new year off right with proper heating throughout your entire home. If you’re looking for an HVAC repair company or an HVAC dealer in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, get in touch with Excel. We can diagnose your heating and cooling issues, provide home heating service cost estimates, and find a way to fix the heat in your Harrisonburg, Bridgewater, or Elkton home.

Get the most out of your home heating and cooling systems with regular maintenance and tune-ups from the experts who work on HVAC in Waynesboro. Excel makes this easy with our residential maintenance agreements for your HVAC system, which can help you avoid emergency repair calls and extend the lifespan of your system for many years to come.

Usher in 2020 with a new HVAC system. Call (540) 870-0423 or contact us to find out how upgrading your heating and cooling can benefit you.

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