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It’s Not Too Late for a Heating System Tune-Up

December 16, 2020

Did you have “Get a fall HVAC tune-up” on your to-do list, but never scratched it off? It’s understandable—even if you had the best intentions, 2020 threw us all a real curveball, and we’re having to make the best of challenging times.

But if you’re thinking that you’ve missed your chance and will have to wait until next fall, you’re in luck—a tune-up visit from the heating experts at Excel can go a long way towards ensuring there are no unpleasant surprises with your furnace, boiler, or heat pump for the rest of the winter, and can also help you get a head start on your cooling system for the spring.

What’s Included in a Heating Tune-Up from Excel?

A tune-up isn’t just about a quick peek around your HVAC system and an invoice for our time—it’s a thorough and comprehensive inspection of your heating system. Here’s what the experienced HVAC contractors from Excel will be doing when they visit your home this winter for a heating tune-up appointment:

Verify Operations—Does your heating system turn on, and is it working correctly, with no odd noises or loose parts?

Test Safety Control Operations & Control Sequences—Heating systems have safety features to alert you when there’s a problem with your equipment, from limit switches to carbon monoxide detectors as well as features that help ensure that your pilot light or ignition system is working.

Test Thermostat Operation—Thermostat issues can cause major headaches for your heating system, like your furnace, boiler, or heat pump refusing to turn on at all.

Verify Line Voltage to Indoor Unit—All heating systems need electricity to operate—we’ll check to make sure your unit is getting the proper voltage.

Inspect Blower—Your heating system’s blower is what delivers conditioned warm air into your home all winter, but blower issues can create comfort issues and lead to expensive heating repair calls down the road.

Inspect Indoor Coil—The indoor coil of your HVAC system, or evaporator coil, needs to be kept clean—dirty coils can lead to higher energy bills and overheating.

Test Indoor Coil for Refrigeration Leaks—Refrigerant leaks from your HVAC system can create long-term issues and need to be addressed quickly.

Visually Inspect and Test Heat Exchanger for Cracks—Cracked heat exchangers can leak poisonous carbon monoxide into your home, which is why it’s so important for any HVAC maintenance or tune-up call to include an inspection and test.

Inspect Condition of Filter(s)—Your air filters not only help remove pollutants from the air circulating in your home, but they help keep your HVAC running efficiently.

Inspect and Test Outdoor Contactor and Capacitor—Your AC contactor and capacitor helps power your HVAC system’s compressor and condenser fan.

Test Compressor—Your HVAC system’s compressor helps release the heat that the refrigerant has absorbed. Your compressor is one of the most essential components for proper operation, and a qualified technician can help keep it running smoothly.

Inspect Outdoor Coil—The outdoor coil, or condenser, is essentially the opposite of the indoor coil, or evaporator, and needs to be kept clean and free of debris to work properly.

Test Defrost Operation—If you’re using a heat pump to heat your home, it has a defrost cycle that it will run through regularly to keep the outdoor coils free of ice. If there’s an issue with your system defrosting, your unit can shut off entirely and refuse to heat.

Find a Quality HVAC Contractor Near You for a Tune-Up This Winter

The last thing you want is for your HVAC system to unexpectedly shut down in the middle of a cold spell, leaving your Shenandoah Valley home freezing. A tune-up from a heating and cooling professional will help ensure your system is running as efficiently as it can and can, and even extend the lifespan of your unit. At Excel Heating & Cooling, we’re ready to help you avoid inconvenient and expensive breakdowns, so talk to our team today.

Keep your heating system running all winter long. Call (540) 870-0423 or contact us today to schedule a tune-up with Excel.

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