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Keep Your Home Cozy as Colder Weather Approaches

October 14, 2016

As the leaves begin to change color, there is certainly a crispness to the air here in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Now is the perfect time to focus on getting your home prepared for winter. Preventing discomfort can be accomplished through preventative measures in the fall.

If you’re not sure where to start with getting your home ready for winter, focus on the following to be prepared and boost your home’s efficiency, comfort and health during the colder months:

Heating Maintenance

In order to keep your heating system running smoothly, it should be serviced regularly. Excel provides an annual tune-up, cleaning and safety check with our maintenance plan. This will keep your equipment running at full potential throughout the winter.

By keeping your furnace, boiler or heat pump well-maintained, your heater will use less energy and keep the temperature in your home more comfortable during the colder months. With furnaces and boilers, safety is also a large concern. Our Excel Comfort Advisors will check for any gas leaks and monitor carbon monoxide levels!

Ductwork Evaluation

With most heating systems, ductwork is essential to proper functionality and greater comfort. Getting your ductwork evaluated in the fall is a good idea after the strain of summer’s air conditioning and the upcoming heating season. By pinpointing any ductwork issues, Excel can help you attain appropriate airflow into each room or area of your home.


Indoor air quality is a major concern in homes throughout the year. However, especially during the winter when you don’t open windows, proper ventilation is key to allowing fresh air into your home. An HRV or ERV filters incoming air from the outdoors, removing pollutants and keeping your home’s air fresh, not stale.

Air Purification & Filtration

If a whole house ventilation system doesn’t sound right for you, perhaps you should consider an air purifier or filtration system to keep dust, allergens and other contaminants that can easily build up, especially during the colder months, at bay. If you suffer from dry skin or dry coughs during the winter, a humidification system may be right for your home to keep moisture levels in the air higher.

Excel: The Central Shenandoah Valley Winter Comfort Experts

Excel’s primary goal is to help you stay comfortable year-round. We can help you prepare your home for winter and ensure you’re warm and cozy.

Get ready for the cold weather with help from Excel Heating and Cooling. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment!

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