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More Ways to Hide Your Mini Split

August 4, 2020

There are so many benefits to upgrading your Harrisonburg or Broadway home to ductless mini split heat pumps, including reduced heating and cooling bills, less energy waste, and true whole home comfort in areas of your home where ductwork isn’t installed or has trouble reaching.

But unlike a central HVAC system, the air handler components of a mini split are installed right in the room where you’re looking to add comfort, which might not be something you’re used to if you’ve always relied on a central forced-air system. If you’re on the fence about adding mini splits to your home because you’re not sure you’ll like the way they look, here are a few suggestions from our team on mini split placement from a blog we published several years back.

Since then, we’ve come across even more options if you want to hide your mini split unit, so we’re back with additional design and decoration ideas for your ductless mini split.

1. Build a Soffit Around Your Mini Split

Dropped soffits are a great way to add an interesting design element to a room, transforming it from a boring box into something unique and architecturally interesting. It’s also a great place to put a mini split! Adding a smaller ventilation grate to let conditioned air into the room will keep you comfortable, and your mini split will be so discrete you might even forget it’s there!

2. Install in an Area Where You’re Less Likely to Notice It

Many promotional photos for mini splits feature them prominently installed above a couch in the living room on a blank wall, which is probably one of the least conspicuous places you can put your new heating and cooling system. Instead, look for an area of your home where it’s able to deliver comfort but won’t stick out so much, like in a stairway, or above the fridge.

3. Get a Floor Unit and Build a Radiator-Style Cover For It

Mini splits come in different sizes and configurations, even though the models you might be most familiar with are wall cassettes. A floor model can be disguised by building a frame around it, just like a radiator cover!

4. Use Your Own Sense of Style to Draw Attention Away from Your Mini Split

As mentioned in #2, mini splits don’t have to be installed on bare walls where they’ll be most noticeable. Use your own unique taste in design to hang a variety of artwork, photos, bookshelves, and other decorative elements that will draw the focal point of that wall away from your mini split and highlight your sense of style!

Installing a Mini Split That Looks Good in Your Home

Mini splits are sleek, modern, and make your home more comfortable while saving you money. Plus, there are countless ways to install them that will add, not subtract, to the visual appeal of your house. At Excel, we’ll work with you to find a heating and cooling solution that your entire family is happy with and can enjoy. Reach out to a member of our team and find out more today.

Take advantage of all the benefits of mini split installation for your home today. Call 540-509-1180 or contact us to get started.

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