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November Indoor Air Quality Product of the Month: CO Detectors

December 15, 2017

Even if you’re feeling cozy at home as winter weather sets in, there could be harmful substances lurking in the indoor air you breathe. This is especially true when it’s cold outside, the furnace is running, and your doors and windows are shut tight. That’s why it’s crucial to do what you can to monitor your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ) during the winter. With a carbon monoxide detector from Excel, keeping your indoor air clean and free of harmful substances like carbon monoxide has never been easier.

Carbon Monoxide: What You Should Know

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a natural byproduct of burning a fuel such as oil or gas. Several appliances in your home may rely on burning fuel in order to run, such as your furnace, water heater, oven, or fireplace. When these appliances function properly and have adequate ventilation, high CO levels are not of any concern. However, if a fuel-burning appliance in your home malfunctions, or if your home’s ventilation systems do not perform properly, you and your family could be susceptible to high CO levels. Because carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, you may not even know it’s being released into your home.

Keep Your Home’s CO Levels in Check

While you may not be able to detect carbon monoxide in your home, innovative technology for your home can. You can keep your home’s carbon monoxide levels in check by installing CO detectors throughout your home. A CO detector protects you and your family by sending alerts before carbon monoxide concentrations reach unsafe levels. This gives you and your family an opportunity to escape and address IAQ issues before it’s too late. In addition to installing CO detectors, it’s a good idea to schedule heating maintenance to make sure your furnace isn’t releasing any harmful substances into your indoor air.

Get Cleaner Indoor Air with Excel

Installing a CO detector in your home is an excellent first step towards better indoor air quality. To improve your indoor air and protect your family’s health even further, be sure to consider our other IAQ service offerings. We help homeowners in Harrisonburg and Elkton, Virginia, keep their indoor air clean with air purification and filtration services as well as HRV and ERV installation. We also conduct ductwork evaluations to make sure your ductwork is supplying clean, conditioned air where it needs to. If you want a healthy and comfortable home, Excel Heating & Cooling has the expertise you are looking for.

Is carbon monoxide lurking in your indoor air? Contact us or call (540) 870-0423 so you never have to wonder again!

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