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Pollen Got You Down? Here’s What You Have to Do

September 6, 2017

Late summer is a time of year when many people reflect upon their fun in the sun and prepare for the fall weather ahead. It’s also one of the most difficult times of the year for allergy sufferers, many of whom find themselves stocking up on antihistamines just to make it through the day. Pollen can be a difficult beast to slay, but it doesn’t have to ruin the end of your summer.

If pollen is giving you a headache both literally and figuratively, you’ve got to take action. Here are some tips from Excel Heating and Cooling to help keep your allergies at bay, no matter how much you’ve been sneezing lately.

1. Close Those Windows!

When it’s this hot outside, some homeowners in and around Harrisonburg, VA keep their windows open to keep the fresh air flowing. It seems like a good idea, but it’s also a veritable magic carpet ride for pollen and other contaminants to enter the home. By keeping your windows and doors shut at all times, you can make your home a “pollen-free zone” to retreat to when it’s really bad out there. Otherwise, there’s literally no escape.

To get fresh air in, you can install a ventilation system that will expel stale indoor air and allow fresh, filtered air from the outside, in. If you or someone in your household suffers from severe allergies, installing an air purification system should also be considered.

2. Change Your AC’s Air Filter

Closing your windows and doors is certainly one way to keep the pollen at bay, but you’ll also want to ensure that your AC’s air filter is properly cleaned or changed. Your air conditioner sucks in outside air to cool the home, which means it brings pollen along with it that can potentially clog its filter. By changing the filter twice per year, you can ensure that it absorbs the vast majority of contaminants and keeps the air you’re breathing clean and clear.

3. Shower Before Bed

Most people jump in the shower after waking up each morning and before heading to work, but during allergy season, you may want to jump in the shower as soon as you get home each night. Pollen can easily coat your skin and travel to your bed, couch and other indoor furniture. By showering, you’ll literally be washing the pollen away and ensuring it doesn’t contaminate your home.

4. Exercise at Night

It’s a wonderful time of year to get outside and exercise, but you may want to avoid doing so during the day. Pollen counts tend to be highest during the morning hours, and for allergy sufferers, this can make breathing during exercise a difficult task. By exercising in the evening hours, you can escape pollen’s wrath and get the workout you deserve without gasping for air in the process.

Dealing with allergies can be a difficult experience, but if you take the right steps, it doesn’t have to be impossible.

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