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Should You Consider a Heat Pump?

April 25, 2019

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Still using a furnace and air conditioner to keep your home comfortable? Now’s a good time to consider installing an energy efficient heat pump, which can both heat and cool your home.

Types of Heat Pumps

All heat pumps provide energy efficient heating and cooling, but there are a few types you should know about.


A ducted heat pump connects to your ductwork and moves heat into or out of the home as needed.

Ductless or Mini Split

Ductless or mini split heat pumps eliminate the need for ductwork and provide targeted heating and cooling. Install multiple units for whole home comfort.


A geothermal heat pump also connects to ductwork but transfers heat to and from the ground as needed.

Benefits of Heat Pumps

Upgrading to a heat pump system can offer these benefits:

  • Heating & cooling with one system
  • Up to 40% energy savings
  • Lower heating & cooling bills
  • More stable indoor comfort
  • Better home dehumidification
  • Reduced reliance on fossil fuels

Save energy and increase home comfort when you upgrade to a heat pump with Excel.

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