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Solutions for a Leaky Furnace

February 8, 2017

Throughout the entire year, you pay special attention to anything in your home that might be out of place or not working properly. Unfortunately, there are some things that are more difficult to notice than others.

A leaking furnace is one such problem since you’re probably not spending too much time around it. However, if you do happen to notice liquid around your furnace, it’s time to get it checked out since there are several potential causes.

Why is My Furnace Leaking?

A furnace can leak for different reasons. It’s essential to locate the underlying issue and address it from there. Common reasons your furnace may be leaking include a:

  • Condensation Leak

If there’s a puddle around your furnace or you actively see liquid dripping down, it is most likely a condensation leak. These types of leaks can sprout up in furnaces when its tubing is clogged or worn.

  • Broken Humidifier

Leaks can also occur due to a malfunctioning humidifier. Usually, this happens when your furnace hasn’t been regularly serviced. Preventing this kind of leak requires seasonal maintenance. If your furnace is leaking and you haven’t had maintenance performed recently, call a professional to address it as quickly as possible.

  • Problem with the Secondary Heat Exchanger

If the secondary heat exchanger in your furnace is broken, fixing it can be an extensive and costly process. Depending on what model of furnace you have and how old it is, replacing the furnace completely could be more cost-effective than paying for repairs.

How to Repair & Avoid Furnace Leaks

Leaky Furnance Repair

When you notice a leak, it’s time to get an expert in to fix it. Excel Heating & Cooling professionals will uncover the cause of your furnace leak and take action to ensure it’s resolved. Our team of specialists can also stop leaks from happening to begin with, by performing regularly scheduled furnace maintenance.

Furnace Repairs & Maintenance in the Shenandoah Valley

Your Harrisonburg, Virginia area home’s furnace can be well taken care of with maintenance and repairs from Excel. We’ll ensure your heating system is working well so that you’re comfortable during the cold weather. Service with a maintenance plan also helps to improve the efficiency of your furnace so that you’re spending less money while staying warm and avoiding the headaches that unexpected breakdowns can bring.

Stop your furnace from leaking! Contact us or call (540) 870-0423 to schedule furnace repairs or preventative maintenance today!

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