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Where is Your Home’s Heat Escaping?

January 20, 2017

During the winter when you just want to stay comfortable and warm, your home’s heat can actually be constantly escaping. Not only does this result in discomfort, but it can also be costing you significantly more each month on your utility bills.

Areas that Contribute to Home Heat Loss

So which areas in your Shenandoah Valley area home are likely contributing to heat loss?

1. Ductwork

Your home’s ducts deliver heated air directly from your furnace or heat pump. If your ducts aren’t sealed well, they allow precious air to escape. Leaky ductwork can result in uncomfortable room temperatures, increased monthly energy bills and even poor indoor air quality.

An important step in making sure your ducts are working properly is with a ductwork evaluation. Not only will an assessment help to locate leaks, but it will also determine whether your home’s ducts are properly sized and insulated. By addressing any issues that are found, you’ll increase your home comfort while also reducing the strain on your HVAC system and your energy bills.

2. Attic

Due to the stack effect, a lot of heat can escape through your attic. Since warm air rises, it can quickly leave through the attic if it isn’t properly sealed and insulated. The effect of heated air escaping through your attic and roof will, in turn, pull cold, outdoor air in through the lower parts of your home. Areas around your home’s attic hatch, recessed lights and dropped soffits are particularly susceptible to heat loss during the cold weather.

3. Windows

Older windows or windows that aren’t properly weatherized can have small gaps and cracks open to the outside. Making sure the edges around your windows are tightly sealed can prevent additional discomfort both in the winter and the summer.

Excel Comfort Advisors: Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter

At Excel Heating & Cooling, our team of expert Comfort Advisors can help you stay warm and comfortable this winter. From making sure that your ductwork isn’t leaking to servicing and repairing your heating system, we can ensure the cold weather is more manageable. We have been serving the Harrisonburg, VA area since 1953 by helping homeowners stay comfortable in their homes year-round.

Stay warm and cozy at home this winter! Contact our Comfort Advisors or call (540) 870-0423 to learn more and schedule a consultation.

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