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Bridgewater HVAC Upgrade

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Since 1962, Bridgewater’s Johnson Funeral Services has been serving Virginia in the funeral service industry with the highest ethical and professional standards. Their goal is to meet and surpass expectations in making final arrangements for loved ones.

The Issue: An Undersized HVAC System

Providing a comfortable chapel for services is essential for maintaining the quality standards that Johnson Funeral Services is known for. In 2015, one of their chapels had an undersized HVAC system that was struggling to keep the space comfortable.

To install a properly sized heating and cooling system, they needed larger ductwork to have ample capacity to keep up with demand. Excel Heating and Cooling’s Comfort Advisors ran load and duct design calculations to ensure proper system and duct sizing.

The Solution: A Properly Sized Heating & Cooling System

With a properly sized heating and cooling system, the unit is able to keep the chapel more comfortable while using less energy. A properly sized system also tends to be more reliable and reduces the wear and tear on the equipment, since it’s doesn’t have to overwork to meet the heating and cooling demand of the space.

The following summer, one of the 5-ton split systems used to heat and cool another Johnson Funeral Services chapel location broke down. “One unit went out and while we were getting it replaced, the other one went out,” explains John Johnson, Director of Johnson Funeral Services. “Excel was able to replace [both heat pumps] within a week.” Excel was even able to loan Johnson Funeral Services two free-standing air conditioning units while awaiting the two new heat pumps.

John Johnson was very pleased with the quality of service his company received from Excel. “Excel was very well-equipped to handle our projects. We use them for everything. They even do work on my home.”

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