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Modisett Heat Pump & Furnace Upgrade

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When the Modisett family had their 2-story home in Harrisonburg, VA built 20 years ago, they used Excel Heating & Cooling to install their furnace and central air system. When it was time for a replacement that winter, they again called Excel because they had been very satisfied with the previous system.

The Problem: Home Comfort Upgrade Needed!

This time, they wanted to have a few additional things done. They decided to add a humidifier, a PureAir filtration system, and to zone the home by floors. This would allow different temperature settings for each floor, promoting home comfort and energy savings.

“When we built the house, it had 2 storeys on one [heating and cooling] zone,” explains Mr. Modisett. “We were having trouble keeping the upstairs comfortable with the downstairs thermostat. Zoning the home was a great solution.”

The family was happy to hear that Excel installs Lennox heating and cooling systems. “Excel is installing mostly Lennox equipment, and we know that they make quality products,” says Mr. Modisett. “We decided to install the best air filtration system as well with that. My wife has some hearing loss and purified air keeps the eustachian tubes [behind the eardrum] open as well.”

The Solution: Heating Equipment Installation

After the initial visit from an Excel Comfort Advisor, the Modisetts were presented with three proposals. The family chose the top-of-the-line system because it had the highest energy efficiency rating and included the most advanced air filtration system.

“The heat pump and furnace installation went very well,” explains Mr Midosett. “It was during the winter time and I believe there was snow on the ground. Excel told us what to expect–that we would be without heat for one day–and that is what happened. We were comfortable during that day until the heat turned on. The technicians were very efficient and everything was done very well.”

The heating and cooling system can be adjusted using a Lennox Wi-Fi compatible app. This allows the Modisetts to adjust the thermostat settings when they are outside of the home. The family is excited to enter their first summer with the new HVAC system!

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